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"Kind of gross, isn't it?" Jase wadded up a piece of paper, tossing it at his Nerf basketball net. "I mean, how'd you like to send email from davelowe@dandruff.com?"

"I hear you. Try sealing a major business deal over email with a domain like DIARRHEA.COM. Forward a copy of this to me, will ya? Some friends'll get a kick out of it."

"Will do." He clicked a mouse button and leaned back in his chair. "Wanna see the Kraft domain listing as well?"

"Not right now. If I don't get this thing finished by this afternoon, Greg will kill me and rape my dead body."

"You really have a way with words, Dave, do you know that?"

fu-gen: site for the asian canadian theatre company doing the stage adaptation for Banana Boys.

banana boys - the theatre adaptation: microsite for the stage adaptation  - read about the cast!

yellowfellow.com: an asian canadian online magazine, and 'tis a clothing line too! kudos to kirb for coming up with it...

satellite records: site where I buy most of the vinyl for my deranged breaks dj alter-ego.

amg music guide: staggeringly concise encyclopedia of music (it's almost as good as me.)

snpp: fairly good encyclopedia of the simpsons (stupid and unfunny annotations notwithstanding...)

sinfest: "pimpin'" comic strip by tatsuya ishida (monique is a babe!)

hardware: breaks is my passion, but trance will always be my first love.

jennifer hewitt love: as my dad calls her. oh well. she's certainly a cutie.

vegboy: if anyone's banana, this guy is!

big league chu: my fave breaks dj.

marty mcfly: another great breaks dj, and a lot of fun!

post concussion and bluewater films: great film by fellow banana daniel yoon!

imode: shireen's site. read and sigh with wonder.

gemm.com: music rarities exchange. i get all sorts of goodies from here.

pweination: let's get down to it boppers... the poppies are on patrol.

literary landscape on ckcu fm with jane crosier: great radio program hosted by a great person (i did an interview with them!)

acww: the asian canadian writers workshop, sponsors of the emerging writers award (was shortlisted in 1999)

asiancanadian.net: asian canadian arts website.

banana cafe: another asian canadian arts website.

british born chinese: i've always been fascinated by the BBC (and Australian-born) concept - loads in common with canucks, i'd think.

hilda: hilda's web site - some nice things said about the book ;).

yolk to books: asian american / canadian online book club.

the hot sauce posse: a vancouver-based sketch comedy troupe, featuring my pal Charrrrlie.

banana blog:  a blog apparently inspired by the book(tm)!  wow.

the old banana boys webpage via archive.org:  a blast from the past from this weird internet time machine....

masia one:  immensely talent Toronto-based hip-hop emcee.

stuff that is awesome:  and it is.  oh, it is.


"the only thing i'm extreme about is extremism."
- tw

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